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When I saw local retail businesses struggle with sales and wanted to go online, I decided to create a solution. Out there, the business owners had little to no knowledge about how online sales and inventory works, this was the turning point of what EasySell is today. It realistically provides all the tech solutions there is to an ecommerce business. No matter how big or small a business is, EasySell literally is a single-tap solution which keeps you updated of all the tiny details.

- Syed Taha Shah, CEO

The Philosophy

From start to the end, we had to keep things on grass-root level so everyone could benefit from it. That is when we stumbled upon the name ‘EasySell’. To explain how it will make your retail business even bigger and blooming, it gives you more profit with less stress and that’s why we chant ‘Kam Pakh – Ziada Munafah’.


To enable all kinds of retailers sell easily from a single platform without any technical and functional difficulties.


To target small & medium retailers improve their in-house and online sales.


Stress out the window
Keep it easy for everyone
Track time to do more
Bonding with humor Respecting opinions

Get a
custom built
& designed tech
for your business


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